Steve McFarland Studios

Steve McFarland Studios is an award-winning digital retouching and digital imaging studio. We’ve developed imagery for companies such as Bayer, Walmart, Garmin, Applebees, Lee Jeans, Hersheys, Sonic, John Deere, AMC and Sprint. We’ve been featured in numerous publications including Shape, Men’s Health, and Esquire.

By combining strong aesthetics with a focus on realism and detail accuracy, we provide all you need to create unforgettable visualizations. Steve McFarland Studios will help you find the best way to convey your concept, and meet the needs of your clients. Whatever the concept, we can deliver the perfect blend of creative solutions to make your ideas possible.

Steve McFarland has been transforming complex ideas into new, compelling imagery for over 15 years. After receiving a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts, Steve began his digital imaging training in 1999 while directing different advertising agency-based retouching groups. Whatever the subject matter, his images strive to represent ideas, not just objects. Making his work invisible in the final image is his specialty. This treatment is designed to make visual realism possible, regardless of original image quality or content.